We are the original founders and progenitors of what the world has come to know as the Illuminati.



There are false groups that claim association to the name.  These groups are easily discernible from the Real Illuminati®.  We have real solutions to real problems.  These false groups have none.  We have answers to the hardest questions that can be asked about human existence.  They have none.


Personal pride, ego, and money play no role in supporting our group.  We do not sell fictitious talismans, charms, necklaces, shirts, nor any thing that identifies us or puts us above any other human.

We do not solicit for donations of any kind.  Money plays no role in our intent to share the Real Truth® with the world. 


The salvation of the human race can only come through pure intelligence of Real Truth®, which is true knowledge of things as they really are, as they really were in the past, and as they really will be in the future.


A seeker of truth need only compare the knowledge and information that we provide to that of the false groups in order to make a certain conclusion that we are who we claim to be.

Dictionary Text Illumaninati


The fictitious, mythical, and fantastical ideas and myths about our secret organization are far from the Real Truth®


One of the world's definitions presents an agreeable undertone to the purpose of our secretive group:

"The society's goals are to oppose superstition, obscurantism, religious influence over public life, and the abuses of state power.  [Our intent] is to put an end to the machinations of the purveyors of injustice, to control them without dominating them."

Throughout history, we have tried various ways to motivate the people living upon Earth to do what is necessary to change this world into a better place for human life.  Many of these ways were attempted through religion.

Battle of Ascalon


There is no other emotional motivator as powerful as religion. We have concentrated mainly on religion because it is religion that has and is keeping the people of this world divided and in perpetual darkness (ignorance).  The darkness of religion continues to cause most of this world’s problems. 


Nothing we have done through religion has produced anything good.


There are very few who have embraced what we have done, learned properly from it, incorporated it into their life, and have used it for the good which we intended for this work.

Again, there is no other emotional motivator as powerful as religion.


We have concentrated mainly on religion because it is religion that has and is keeping the people of this world divided and in perpetual darkness (ignorance).  The darkness of religion continues to cause most of this world’s problems.


The Bible is the basis for the major religions upon Earth that are causing the majority of humanity's problems.  For this reason, our religious-based books focus on biblical stories and teachings that have darkened the minds of those who believe in the Bible.

More than any other book ever written, the Bible is superstitious, obscure, and holds powerful influences over public life that allow the abuse of state power.

The Bible controls the hearts and minds of billions, and more particularly, of many government leaders who control the daily lives of those who live upon Earth.

The Bible has divided humanity and is the main cause of racism, prejudice, and xenophobia (dislike of or prejudice against people from other countries).

Holy Bible


It is the Bible that introduces the story of Abraham.  Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are a direct result of the biblical story about the chosen Abrahamic family.  The Abrahamic story presents the idea that out of all of the families on Earth, Abraham’s family is the most important to God.


The Bible justifies the systematic genocide of any human who does not believe in the God of Abraham.


Jews believe a Messiah will come to save them and destroy all who are not Jewish.  Christians believe a Messiah will come to save them and destroy all who are not Christian.  Muslims believe the same.

As these beliefs fester in the hearts and minds of their believers, some of the most fanatical feel inspired by God to justify the maltreatment and even the murder of any who are not part of this Abrahamic family.

Our group (the Real Illuminati®) consists of the most educated and experienced people upon Earth.  We do nothing that benefits any individual member of our group.  For this reason, those in our group maintain strict anonymity.  We charge no money for the information that we provide.  We do not solicit for donations.  Neither money, power, nor popularity play any part in our motivation.

Our motivation is to save humanity by helping to influence the creation of a societal infrastructure on Earth that serves the needs of each human, according to each individual's needs.


We have the solutions to all of humanity's problems.


No one has been able to challenge the solutions that we have proposed, reasonably arguing that our solutions will not work.  Our solutions will work.  There are no other solutions that can work.


How do we know this?

Colosseum, Rome


History is the recording and study of human affairs.  Only humans keep a history.  During each dispensation of human time upon Earth when humans cooperated and thrived, they recorded their history.

These records, in various forms, which include advanced recording formats yet to be discovered during the modern times of this Sixth Dispensation, were passed down and are in the possession of the Real Illuminati®.

By studying these records available to us, we know what has been responsible for the demise of humanity and also, what was responsible for its success.  If we were to bring these records forth for the world to see and witness, we and these records would be destroyed and disbelieved by the leaders (religious, secular, and political).  This is because their power, control, income, and popularity would  be  usurped  by  what  has  been  recorded  on these records.

The time is soon when we will reveal our true identities to the world.  We will bring forth these records kept from the foundation of the earth.  We will do this in an attempt  to  save humanity  from repeating history.

You will know that we are who we say we are, and that these records are a true history of planet Earth, because we will offer them to the people of the world free of charge. 


Humans created this planet for humans.  Humans are responsible for everything that has happened upon Earth, for every plant, for every animal, for every bacterium and virus, for all organisms of every kind. 


We can save the planet, or we can continue to destroy it. 


We can save ourselves and live in peace and happiness, or we can continue to repeat history and threaten our own existence. 


No supernatural entity, of any kind or nature, is going to help us. 


It is our power.  It is our onus. 


We (the Real Illuminati®) exist to help us.