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The Dream of Mortal Life
Understanding Human Reality
A Final Warning to the Human Race

Coming soon ...


     This will be our final book and message to the human race. This book will give specific details about the earth experience and answer all questions associated with who we are and why we exist. We will give specific details about the earth, how it was created, how it became what it is today. We will explain everything that a person could want to know about the Real Truth about their human existence.


     Further, we will explain the things that the human race must do in order to save itself from imminent destruction. This book will bring together the information that we have shared with the world, "things which have been hid up from the foundation of the world." The information that we will present in this book will confound the false truths that keep the human race from creating a peaceful and united world.


     It is our final effort.


     If rejected, we will do no more for humanity.

     If we do no more for humanity, it will be only a matter of time before the human race is completely destroyed for the last time.

     If, however, none of the information that we have heretofore published is received by humanity, there will no need or reason to publish this final book and warning. We will wait a few years to see how humanity responds to our message before giving this last warning. If our message is rejected, we will counsel together and determine if this last effort (publishing this book) is worth our time and energy.