Personal Story

My personal story began February 27, 1974 in Fort Stockton TX. I was born into a Lutheran family. (Mom’s family)
I am the oldest of 5 kids.

At some point we moved to Hobbs, NM. My brother was born there. A few years passed, my parents divorced, I was about 6-7 years old. My mom re-married shortly after. We moved with mom’s new husband to Utah.

This is when I first learned about “The Mormon’s”. My mom’s new husband was a Mormon, as well as the rest of his family. It didn’t take us long to warm up to him and his family as they all seemed to welcome us with open arms.

My grandma (my mom’s mother) was not quiet about her dislike of the Mormon’s. She often told us that she would not be happy if she found out that we had joined the Mormon’s.

My mom decided early on that she would not tell her parents that we had joined the Mormon church. We were instructed as kids to lie to them about this or else grandma would disown us and no longer have anything to do with us.

So, we lied for about 15 years. Mom would take down all her Mormon pictures off the walls and any reference to us being Mormon every time my grandma came to visit in Utah. It wasn’t until my brother decided to go on a Mormon mission that my mom made the decision to tell her mom that we had joined the Mormon’s. She was terrified! As were we! Grandma didn’t disown us like we thought, she was just very disappointed.

My brother and I continued to be allowed to visit our father who lived in Texas for a few more years after mom married her new husband. This time in our life was very, very difficult as a child. I missed my mom, I missed my dad, I missed our new dad too. But all our relationships were strained.

My mom and new dad then decided we would be better off not seeing our father any longer. New dad was going to adopt us.

I didn’t exactly understand or know what this all meant at the time. But I soon had the extremely hard realization very quickly. I became very angry at everyone, especially my mom.

We went to court one day where to my surprise I saw my dad. My mom explained that this would be the last time I saw my dad. We no longer had to feel the anxiety and stress of going back and forth because our new dad was adopting us away from our father and this was best, (according to them) I did not agree, thought it was cruel and wrong! I loved my new dad just the same but my feelings about that didn’t matter. We were too young to understand all of what I now know to be manipulation! I lost my father and nothing I said could change that. We weren’t even allowed to talk about him anymore. It was as if he died, that’s how it felt. I was told that “My father had no chance with a Mormon judge in Utah!” In their opinion this is what was best for us.

I didn’t see my father for many, many years. We weren’t allowed. By the time we did finally get the chance to re-connect, it was quite obvious to me that the bonds we once had were broken. It was very difficult to understand my feelings and how to manage this new secret relationship. I felt hurt, abandoned, confused and scared.

It wasn’t until I was a teenager having been baptized into the LDS religion a few years prior, and attending Sunday school that I was convinced that our salvation as a family was very important and if we didn’t take action we would be lost. This actually really worried me. This was the first time religion became of personal importance to me. I begged my mom and dad to get “sealed” in the temple. I was afraid if they didn’t we’d all be lost. Maybe even go to hell. I’m sure my begging wasn’t the only reason they eventually decided to get sealed in the temple but I know I sure was relentless!

That phase passed pretty quickly. I finished high school, got married to a very nice, talented, non religious person. I was young, all I did was work to make ends meet. That lasted about 3 years but we didn’t make it. Luckily we had no kids. But parted as friends.

I was then in another relationship for another 4 years or so. We did not marry. I was pretty convinced that marriage was BS. Didn’t want any part of it. I was in full on rebellion. No real direction. Did some crazy things, had some crazy experiences. Distanced myself from my entire family for the most part. Then I met Tony.

In 2002 I met and married Tony Saiki. While I wouldn’t say Tony was a typical religious type, he did make it known that the LDS principals and way of life was important to him. My partying days were over but I could accept that because I knew I had to start somewhere and Tony seemed like the perfect place to start. In fact, he made me feel way more secure with some kind of direction in my life. Since I had been pretty much flailing for several years now, Tony was very grounded, strong and stable. I knew this would help me, and I needed that stability in my life really bad.

We had our son Blade soon thereafter. Blade has been one of the best additions to my life in more ways than I can say.

Tony and I were in no way strict in religion. We really didn’t even go to church that often. We just knew that at some point we’d like to baptize our son and maybe get sealed in the temple.

Shortly after Blade was born we made the decision to sell our home and buy an RV to live in. We wanted to be mobile and free to go whenever and wherever we wanted. For the most part, we had fun. We worked hard and had some hard experiences but have always been grateful regardless.

When Blade was about to turn 8 years old we decided it was important for us to start attending church so that he could be baptized. A few months later he was.

Now that we had established our Sunday routine with church, Tony and I decided to start working towards being sealed in the temple.

Started our temple classes which made no sense to me at all. Every question I had, they would not answer. Always saying I would or could only learn about this in the temple. Ironically, we were sealed on April fools day. April 1st 2010. We loved that it was that day, very memorable.

I was excited to go through the temple. Nervous but excited. My experience was good I guess because all our family was so happy for us, but it left me more nervous and confused than ever before. I asked more questions in the temple since that’s what I was told I could do but surprisingly they said, “Just keep coming to the temple and it will start making more sense.” We tried, it never did. It felt more like a cult than anything I’d ever experienced! Pretty much scared me silly.

Tony’s father passed away very shortly after our temple sealing. This was unexpected and very shocking to us all. It was hard to loose his dad, we were very close to him.

Within about a year we moved in to Tony’s dads condo. As we’d been doing for several years prior we had our own video production company. Self employed. We were always very busy. Always. We’d spent many years filming weddings, music videos, events and tv shows.

I specifically remember the time when Tony wanted to go into KTALK radio. Blade and I waited in the car. Tony returned and said he was going to volunteer his time there to help Tim Aalders. I remember saying, “With what free time? You have none, we can barely keep up with what we have now!”

He continued to get involved, we eventually ended up working on a campaign for a man named “Uncle Joe”, he was running for Congress. Turned out to be a great experience, we loved working with him, he had a great message.

Then we stared our own radio show every Sunday. One thing led to another and we ended up taking an additional hour every week. We were told the previous host spoke on spiritual things so we tried to cater to that somewhat.

During this time Tony had been doing some research into what he told me was, “The Sealed Portion”. I had heard about that in church discussions but knew very little about it because I had never read the Book of Mormon. Tony explained that it wasn’t published by the church but was going to look into and read it anyway. That didn’t surprise me at all because Tony always had an open mind about other religions or philosophies.

He had found the Sealed Portion online several years earlier after hearing someone in church mention that it had been translated. He told me about it, even printed off some chapters, but then let it go for a time.

I remember him being unsure about it at first. He would read it aloud to me sometimes. Trying to digest it all. He would stay up for hours and hours. Sometimes even through the night. Several times I would be woken by him yelling in amazement, NO WAY, NO WAY...Wow! This happened frequently with hours and hours of discussion.

He found some videos online of Christopher speaking about Human Reality. He wanted me to watch them. I did, I loved what Christopher was saying. It made so much sense to me. Much more than anything else I had been trying to learn.

We were still trying to fill our radio show time when we decided we were going to play one of Christopher’s videos on the air for an entire hour. We were nervous about it since we had not received permission from Christopher prior, but we didn’t have much time to prepare so we just did it. We were so excited, we could hardly believe it! Our phone lines were finally ringing with questions!! Yay👏🏻😅

From that, we decided to try and see if we could get Christopher to interview on our show, and answer these ringing questions. As Tony continued to research, he found out that Christopher was actually in Utah, we were very surprised. He reached out thru the email contact found online. It was at that exact moment Tony offered our services of video production, no charge. Anything we could do to support or promote Christopher’s message we would do, no matter how busy we were! He received a response rather quickly from the admin John Roh. Christopher had agreed to do it! We were over the moon excited!

Tony and I had agreed that he would do the interview with Christopher. Tony was much more knowledgeable about religion..etc. than me.

The day arrived for our radio show. Christopher was to arrive at the KTALK studio a few minutes prior to going on air. Just before he arrived Tony strongly advised that I should be the one to do the interview. I strongly disagreed! I knew nothing! He insisted. I was sick with nervousness, I knew I would make a fool of myself and Christopher wouldn’t want anything more to do with us.

Christopher arrived at KTALK with his wife Sheri and John and Lily Roh. I watched them all walk towards us down the hall, Christopher in the lead. My stomach was in knots doing flip flops, my heart was pounding out of my chest. I remember thinking he looked different from the video’s I’d watched of him, his hair was now short. He looked professional and pleasant. With a cautious smile, he shook our hands and introduced himself and the others. From that moment on all my fear and nervousness vanished completely. I couldn’t believe it. I was amazed. The interview proceeded, Christopher was kind and gentle but was noticeably strong and spoke with authority. I was in awe, we were in awe! We asked him to come back next week. Take every minute we were allowed and teach more. We were so unbelievably excited by his message we were willing to offer everything we could to produce, promote and share what he was teaching.

Christopher did come back the following week and spoke the entire 2 hour block that we had. We spoke for a time and decided we wanted to approach KTALK and ask to have Christopher on the air every week. We would produce it ourselves. Christopher was willing to sign a contract and pay KTALK for 2 years in advance.

Long story short, it didn’t work out the way we expected. We were road blocked from the beginning. Everything we tried, failed. And we tried hard and relentlessly. We eventually gave up on the idea of anyone in Utah being associated or helping with Christopher’s message. Even when offered thousands and thousands of dollars. They were all afraid. For the life of me I couldn’t understand why, but as I’ve learned, the real truth scares people because it threatens everything they’ve ever known. Sad but true. Had I not witnessed everything with my own two eyes, I would not believe the unwarranted prejudice and judgement that prevails against Christopher in Utah! it was disgusting to say the least.

So my journey in learning about The Marvelous Work and a Wonder and the real truth had begun. It was exciting then and continues to be exciting now.

Everything I have learned from Christopher and the work has given me the stability and understanding I’ve always longed for, even when I may not have understood that I was. Had the Mormon Church been able to give me the clarity and answers to the many questions I’ve had in my life, then I’d be a Mormon, but it did not.

I thank Tony for bringing me and our family to this work. Had he not been the strong and curious type that he was, and had the life experiences that caused him to question, not sure were either of us would be. I thank “God” (my True Self) for Tony and our son Blade, I always have and always will.

I thank “God” (again, my True Self) for Christopher and the message of the Marvelous Work and a Wonder. For the all the sacrifices, strength, bravery and kindnesses of Christopher and his mentors in bringing forth this incredible work.

I can easily say I have received so much more than I have ever given or could ever give. I am eternally grateful to have this bright and beautiful light in my life now. It is my soul intention to support and protect this work and Christopher with ALL that I am and ALL that I have. I Love the work, I Love my True Messenger Christopher, I Love his mentors the brothers, and I Love all of the new friends I have made through this incredible work.

Thank you for reading my story and to all who continue to support our Messenger and this Marvelous Work and a Wonder :-)

Sincerely, Laura