Five days before Christmas four years ago I read The Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon. That night I became aware that I knew nothing about how things really are. Even though I was already questioning things as I had believed... the foundation of my understanding was shaken. Information revealed a way of understanding the truth about myself and everybody around me. The source of this knowledge came by the authors calling themselves the Real Illuminati. Their messenger delivered the messages so as to be understood by my uneducated simple mind. The preponderance of evidence proved to me that all my worldly pursuits were for nothing. Nothing at all unless my mind and heart was focused on overcoming poverty and inequality. So I took a stand to support the Real Illuminati.
I reiterate from previous posts pleading with my friends and family to respect my STAND against POVERTY and INEQUALITY by at least watching a 28 minute video that explains how World Peace can be attained: "This video presents our overall goals and purpose. It explains that a United One World Government is the only hope for humanity. It explains our message and intent in video format." The Plan.
I am not a friend if I proceed to negatively effect you because of how I believe and act. You are not my friend if you do not care to know about my passion in life that influences who I am. Inevitably we must not irritate the other so I will withdraw myself.
To you who I call my friends; kindness and respect free us to see better our equity. Prejudice and poverty will not exist in an environment where we do not see each other as our self.
Can you IMAGINE the joy a smile brings? What if everybody smiled?
David Aschenbrenner