My full name is Jesse Helaman Astuto. I was born in 1977 in Colorado, USA and grew up in Perth, Western Australia as well as various places in the western USA.

I found this work in Feb 2017.
I was confused and seeking the truth.
Kelsey, my niece had checked herself out of this life. I was also struggling with the fact that bishop was not going to give me a temple recommend.
I went and read a bunch of LDS/Mormon books by Nibley, J. Fielding Smith and some other LDS/Mormon author in the basement.

After a few weeks, as I pondered about everything, still confused, 'google the sealed portion' popped in my head clear as could be. So clear, I verbally talked to myself, laughing and asking ' so you want me to google the sealed portion, eh'.

After finding this work, researching everything, watching everything, and believing the claims made due to the overwhelming real evidence, I have not felt confused at all.

My life will never be the same. I think about this 24-7. I have not been able to really think about much else.

Ending poverty, ending child prostitution and all human suffering are things I never thought possible until I saw The Humanity Party plan.

Initially, I misused this new information and attempted to explain it to people who were not looking for the truth. This brought me and the people no joy, no peace, strained relationships, and sucked for everyone.

The way I have now implemented this new information in my life, respecting every single human beings own personal reality and not attempting to explain this information, has given me a balance and perspective I never had before.

I now feel at peace, and I can now honestly view every human being as I do myself.

My testimony is that this work is exactly what it claims to be. I am in awe.
I will forever be grateful for having found it.

As time passes and this work goes largely ignored, I find myself beginning to be able to see.

I just hope for the suffering of all humans, in any form, ends one day. Again, I never thought this possible, or even considered it, until reading and researching this work and it's claims, intensely and honestly with an open mind.

This work has the solutions, I cant stop thinking about it. has the solution/s !

At this time of writing, 2020, I do not think I will ever be able to stop thinking about this work, and I don't want to.