I found this work in about 2014. I had been searching for REAL TRUTH for a long time and finally came across videos of Ida Smith explaining her experiences. There was something different about her story that seemed to ring true to me. I began to study and read all of the books which also rang true deep inside my soul. The answers, provided by the Real Illuminati, to questions and conflicts I had been having in my life were so relevant and new to me. They actually answered everything fully and in detail, leaving me with no further questions. My whole life I had just been taught that we just need to have blind faith and not question the status quo.

Ever since I found this work my life has gone through an amazing change. I have found a love for myself and others that I previously sought but could never find. I have been able to find joy in the simple things again. I have found peace in my life despite much unrest and instability in the world.

Nothing I have ever seen or heard has ever had such a profoundly positive effect on my life as this work has. I will be forever grateful for this work.


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