Fourteen years ago, on December 22, 2005, I decided to read a book from front to back. That ONE book: The Sealed Portion—the Final Testament of Jesus Christ, changed my life.

I wrote my story about my experience a couple of years after that. I was more raw then, as it was all so very new. You can read it at this link:

Almost as soon as we left the LDS church, I began working away at new projects. I didn’t really know how to act without someone telling me what to do, where to be, or what to say. It was a whole new world to me! I could wash laundry and go to the store or pull weeds on Sunday if I wanted. I could take my kids to the circus that day. Perhaps that seems crazy to you if you haven’t been raised inside of organized religion, but for me it was quite a challenge to navigate in the beginning. Without the structure of a church, I wasn’t sure how my kids would turn out…I wasn’t sure how I would turn out! :0)

For as much as I had thought that I had my free will, I hadn’t actually experienced much of it. I followed so many rules and “commandments” that I didn’t know how to choose for myself. I remember as I read The Sealed Portion thinking, “It CAN’T be this easy!”

19:63 Therefore, my beloved children, love one another and do good to each other. …it mattereth to [the Lord] how ye treat one another, and this is the only thing that mattereth unto him.

It might not be “easy,” but as it turns out, it really is that simple. My greatest example of how to do this has been the amazing man by my side during this journey. I have gotten to see Kurt in action, day in and day out for almost 30 years now (married 29 years today). The way he interacts with people, listens to people, talks to people…to me, to our kids, to the people he works with, to strangers…is one of his great strengths.

In the beginning, we learned line upon line about the Real Truth. The Sealed Portion was the first step. It was the only book written when we found the MWAW (Marvelous Work and a Wonder®). There are quite a few more now….all FREE online at Yup, the Real Truth is always free!)

Slowly, over the years, as more books were written, it helped me UN-learn all of the un-truths (aka LIES) that I had been taught. It took my brain time to unwind it all. I was 100% confident that I had read THE sealed portion of the gold plates. And what came over time was the amazing and fantastic information that each book presented.

What resulted from what I read was a nicer me, a less judgmental me, a non-bigoted me. When the Prop 8 bill in California came up, I wrote this letter to the Salt Lake City Weekly:

Some people have found “the Work” (the Marvelous Work and a Wonder®) more recently, when there were “other books” already available (as prophesied in the Book of Mormon). As fast as they could read and process the information, the have been set free from the chains of religion.

Every book is SO powerful. I know people for EACH book, who have read just that ONE book, and had their lives changed forever. Maybe you won’t be scared to read a book, like I was. If you are…you can tell yourself the same thing I did: "It's only a book—words on a page, and I will know. When I finish, I will know whether it is true or not."

I know what Mormons believe. I was ALL in. But I could not deny the POWERFUL words I read. This work is SO IMPORTANT to me. I cannot stand idly by and not support what I believe. This world is depending on all of us. It really is.

There are a few others who have also read the books of the Marvelous Work and a Wonder® (MWAW) and who support The Humanity Party®. People whose lives were also changed drastically…because we all found out that we were wrong….that what we believed was actually very damaging to our perspective of other human beings on this planet.

If ever any one of you wants to talk to me about what I believe, I will talk to you and tell you my personal experience. AND…I will also direct you to read the same books that I read. I am no authority on it. But I can read. (Hopefully, you can too.)

I can’t even give enough positive adjectives for the books of the MWAW and the Real Illuminati™…the power that they have: amazing, astounding, out-of-this world, wonderful, magnificent. You get my gist.

One book did it for me…The Sealed Portion. I left religion and will NEVER go back…to ANY religion. All of my questions of any kind…even those I didn’t have…were answered. All of them. That’s a bold claim. But it’s true for me.

In any case…my guess is if you read one book: The True History of Religion, you might not need any of the others…except they would answer all of your questions about Mormonism, Joseph Smith, Revelation, the LDS temple endowment and more, IF you have been LDS/Mormon/from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Best wishes to you in your journey to Real Truth!